Innovative, Versatile High-Resolution, High-Throughput Surface Characterization Analyzer

Micromeritics 3Flex Surface Characterization Analyzer is a fully automated, three-station instrument capable of high-performance physisorption (mesopore and micropore) and chemisorption analyses with superior accuracy, resolution, and data reduction.  Each analysis station is upgradeable from mesopore to micropore with the option of designating one station for chemisorption analyses. All analysis stations can be configured for krypton analysis of low surface area materials. Vapor sorption capability is standard. A single 3Flex with its minimal footprint and three configurable analysis stations eliminates costly investment in multiple instruments and additional bench space. The 3Flex is ideally suited for the characterization of MOFs, zeolites, activated carbons, adsorbents, and a wide variety of porous and non-porous materials.

Advanced Performance and Design

A new advanced dosing method that allows you to mix both pressure and volume increments
  Advanced manifold design and embedded control provide an ultra-stable environment for pressure and temperature measurements, extending the limits of resolution
  Vapor sorption capability
  Ultra-clean manifold design features hard-seal valves and metal seals to provide high chemical resistivity, ease of evacuation, and lowest outgasing rate in the industry
  P0 port with dedicated pressure transducer allows continuous monitoring of saturation pressure
  Isotherm data collection begins in the 10-6 torr range (10-9 relative pressure range for N2)
  MicroActive TM Data Reduction software provides powerful, yet intuitive, data analysis with preconfigued or user-defined reporting options
  Advanced dosing method permits user to combine pressure and volume increments
  Small footprint conserves valuable lab bench space

MicroActive Data Reduction

Sample Preperation Options

The Smart VacPrep is an advanced six-port system that utilizes vacuum to prepare samples by heating and evacuation. Each of the ports may be operated independently. Samples may be added or removed from degas ports without disturbing the treatment of other samples undergoing preparation. Degassing automatically terminates when the samples have completed all programmed steps.
The SmartPrep™ 065 is a flowing-gas degassing unit which removes adsorbed contaminants from the surface and pores of a sample in preparation for analysis. It contains six sample ports, each one independently temperature-controlled for greater flexibility. It contains two serial ports, one for connecting to the computer and the other available for connection of an additional SmartPrep. The temperature, ramp rates, and soak times of each sample are individually controlled by the computer. Up to five ramps and soaks are allowed. All degas information is integrated into the sample data file for future reference
The VacPrep™ 061 offers two methods for removing contaminants. In addition to flowing gas, it provides vacuum to prepare samples by heating and evacuation. This combination allows you to choose the preparation method that is best suited to your material or application. The VacPrep features six degassing stations, and a choice of vacuum or gas flow preparation on each of the six stations. Needle valves are also provided allowing you to introduce the flowing gas or vacuum slowly to prevent fluidization of samples.  
The FlowPrep™ 060 applies both heat and a stream of inert gas to the sample. The heat causes contaminants to desorb from the surface and the stream of inert gas sweeps them out of the sample tube. It lets you choose the temperature, gas, and flow rate best suited for your sample material and application. Needle valves allow you to introduce the flowing gas slowly to prevent fluidization of samples.  

Options and Accesories

 The Model 021 LN2 Transfer System allows you to transfer liquid nitrogen or liquid argon from a nonpressurized storage Dewar into smaller containers as needed in laboratory experiments. The system was specifically developed for conveniently filling Dewars for gas adsorption instruments but also can be used for other cryogen applications. The Model 021 can discharge cryogens at adjustable rates up to 3 liters/min. The roller base makes it easy to move the 021 System to the location where the cryogen is needed. The nozzle and insulated, flexible hose enable convenient filling and refilling of analysis Dewars. The system can hold liquid nitrogen or argon up to 30 days allowing cost-efficient use of your cryogen.
Provides seamless temperature control for fully automated temperature programmed reduction, desorption and reaction analysis. photo shows the CryoCooler with Dewar
Micromeritics’ ISO Controller utilizes thermoelectric cooling based on the Peltier principle. The unit is designed to maintain a constant temperature between 0 °C and 80 °C when using CO2, N2, and other gases for adsorption analysis. The device rapidly cools and efficiently maintains temperature with minimal electrical current required. The sample area will accommodate up to 3 sample tubes. Heat removal is uniform and accurate when the unit is used with an appropriate liquid (ambient water or liquid antifreeze). The dewar section is placed on the instrument dewar elevator and then raised into position for analysis.
Vapor Adsorption Option
Includes a stainless steel reservoir, isolation valve, and heating mantle. Provides ability to perform three vapor analyses simultaneously
CryostatExtend the analytical range of add efficiency with the convenience of consistent temperature control without the use of a cryogen.Temperature range of: 25K to 350K

Temperature Stability: (+/-) 0.01K