MAX® Series

Moisture, Solids and Ash Analysis

  The Computrac® MAX®Series loss-on-drying moisture analysis takes advantage of leading edge technology to reduce test times and increase precision over standard vacuum oven or convection oven drying procedures.Prior to testing, a Test Program is created containing the parameters to be used for testing the sample. The instrument then controls the test using this Test Program, as explained in more detail in the following pages. Within each Test Program, the test temperature can be programmed. Using the linked test functionality available on the MAX®4000XL, a multi-step temperature contour can be setup across several linked Test Programs. In the test chamber, an aluminum sample pan sits on a pan support coupled to a sensitive electronic force balance. The sample is added to the sample pan and the force balance registers the initial weight of the sample before testing. The heater located on the underside of the test chamber’s lid then heats the sample, and a Resistance Temperature Device (RTD) monitors the temperature in the test chamber. The temperature readings from the RTD are sent to the microprocessor, and under the microprocessor’s control, the heater element is cycled on and off to bring the test chamber to the programmed temperature.As the sample is heated according to the Test Program selected for the test, it loses weight due to moisture evaporation. The balance records that weight loss and transmits the data to the microprocessor for evaluation. The balance readings are averaged to eliminate signal interference or erroneous data. The microprocessor interprets the information and compares the sample’s weight loss to a standard drying curve. The sample’s decreasing weight is compared to the initial sample weight and the calculated moisture concentration appears on the display. The final moisture concentration is extrapolated from the curve and results are available within minutes.The microprocessor monitors the sample’s weight loss during the entire testing process. Simultaneously, if using the Predict ending criteria, the microprocessor is predicting a final moisture concentration based upon the sample’s rate of weight loss compared to the exponential portion of a standard drying curve. Testing continues until the predicted moisture concentration agrees within a certain percentage of the actual moisture concentration appearing on the display. The percent agreement between the predicted and the actual moisture concentrations will vary depending upon the system’s programming and the moisture level of the sample.The determination of the proper parameters requires a series of tests and good laboratory procedure. Call your technical sales representative for assistance developing Test Programs for your samples.

MAX® 4000XL

  Loss-on-drying Moisture & Solids Analyzer

The Computrac MAX® 4000XL provides quick, reliable and accurate results. This improves the ability to adjust or monitor processes ensuring quality products while minimizing waste, energy requirements and man-hours. Ease of use, durability, along with superior service and support makes the Computrac® MAX® 4000XL an ideal choice for research, manufacturing and laboratory environments.

MAX® 5000XL



Moisture, Solids & Ash Analyzer

Rapid loss-on-drying instrumentation has proven to provide a more desirable method of moisture measurement when compared to traditional loss-on-drying techniques. The ease of use and reduction in test times increases manufacturing efficiency while simultaneously reducing energy costs.Can save hours per test compared to traditional methods.

Vapor Pro® Series


Green (Chemical-free) Karl Fischer Alternative

  Arizona Instrument LLC is proud to continue its leadership role in developing new technology for the moisture analysis industry. The Computrac® Vapor Pro®series takes a giant step forward in the measurement of very low moisture levels.A revolutionary moisture analyzer with a detection limit of 10 ppm, the Computrac® Vapor Pro®uses a sensor-based technology and correlates to the Karl Fischer coulometric titration method (with an oven attachment) in precision and accuracy. The analyzer does not utilize reagents, minimizes consumables, and is simple to operate.Principles of Operation: The Computrac® Vapor Pro® series heats a sample of test material in a septum bottle. Evolved volatiles are passed to an analysis cell where the moisture content of the flowing gas is measured. A microprocessor integrates the varying moisture signal and converts the signal to micrograms of water for display. Results are available in parts per million, percent moisture, or total micrograms of water. Arizona Instrument LLC’s innovative prediction algorithm automatically terminates the test in just minutes when sufficient information is collected to allow accurate determination of the sample’s moisture content. The heating range of the Computrac® Vapor Pro®is 25 °C to 275 °C. Test parameters such as sample size, heater temperature and test ending criteria can be altered to optimize speed and accuracy.Performance: Designed for either lab or production floor use, the Computrac® Vapor Pro®series moisture analyzers uses patented, state-of-the-art technology specifically designed to provide accurate and precise results in a timely manner. This ensures that product quality is achieved and maintained.The Computrac® Vapor Pro®series stores programmed memory settings for up to 102 materials and on 21 CFR, Part 11 non-compliant instruments, retains the data from the last 30 sample test runs. The software automatically calculates the statistics of any selected stored data upon demand. All retained test data can be automatically sent to an external printer or personal computer at the end of a test or on request.NIST traceable 1.0 µl capillary tubes, which permit quick and easy system verification, are provided in the accessory kit. System calibration is checked in just minutes. Re-calibration is a menu driven procedure to assure accurate and reliable results day after day. Built-in selfdiagnostics constantly monitor system conditions to detect and report any abnormalities in the hardware, software, moisture sensor or flow system.

The Computrac® Vapor Pro® Series utilizes a cylinder shaped bottle heater, a dry air – carrier gas flow system and a moisture sensor. The instrument heats a sample of test material contained in a septum bottle. Volatiles driven from the sample are carried by the air system through the Sensor Block containing the Relative Humidity (RH) sensor. The RH sensor used to detect water in the gas stream is a polymer capacitor relative humidity sensor. The reading from this sensor is combined with sensor block temperature and carrier gas flow rate in a microprocessor to calculate an accurate measurement of the moisture content in the sample. The instrument then displays the result in terms of:

  • Parts per million (ppm) water
  • Micrograms (µg) water
  • Percentage (%) water

Test parameters such as temperature, ending criteria, and purge time can be changed to optimize test speed and accuracy.

Vapor Pro®

  Green Karl Fischer Alternative, Moisture Specific Relative Humidity Sensor Technology

The Computrac® Vapor Pro® provides a GREEN, fast, easy, and cost-effective alternative to Karl Fischer titration methods. It is an ideal choice for companies who want to make quality products as efficiently as possible by saving time and money, improving dryer efficiencies and eliminating costly rework and downtime expenses.

Vapor Pro® Fx

  Green Karl Fischer Alternative, Moisture Specific Relative Humidity Sensor Technology

The Vapor Pro® Fx moisture analyzer accurately measures moisture levels in liquids and most oils down to 10 ppm. Results are achieved in as few as 3 minutes and may be displayed as percent moisture, parts per million moisture, or micrograms of water. The Fx utilizes a sealed flow-path that purges the system with dry air or nitrogen between tests, thus preventing moist air from entering or trapping itself within the system. This process accurately reads moisture content without the addition of ambient air humidity or volatiles burned off during the test.

Vapor Pro® Rx

  Green Karl Fischer Alternative, Moisture Specific Relative Humidity Sensor Technology

The Computrac Vapor Pro® Rx Moisture Specific Analyzers are accurate, durable and easy to operate, do not require reagents or specialized glassware, and are suitable for both the production floor or laboratory. We provide comprehensive services, including Technology Transfer, IQ/OQ/PQ, on-site service, sample testing, and calibration.