Process & Environmental

Horiba is an industry leader in providing total solutions for protecting the environment, and for Industrial processing analysis, believing that our mission is to provide peace of mind, and to maintain safety and contribute to human health through the development of new technology and ideas.


HORIBA’s air pollution analyzers (AP series) are highly sensitive ambient air pollution monitors that give precise, reliable measurements, and are surprisingly easy to maintain. Every model in this series meets rigorous quality and performance standards.


HORIBA is a global leader in high quality, accurate, and cost-effective emission monitoring and analysis. Products are available as stand-alone analyzers, versatile portable analyzers, or full continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS).

Water Treatment & Environment

HORIBA, a pioneer to commercialize pH meter in Japan, widely provides ranging from High-precision pH meters to water quality monitoring system, which contribute for environment preservation worldwide leveraged advanced sensor technologies.

Water Quality Measurement

HORIBA provides water analysis instruments highly precise, extremely reliable and easy to operate, which are widely used in variety of the manufacturing process such as chemical process, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, power, oil refinery, pulp & paper industries.


HORIBA’s Process Analyzers not only uses unique monitoring measurement & fostered sampling technology but also meets the market demanding features like accuracy, stability and reliability to fit your specific measurement requirements.


HORIBA designs and builds complete solutions precisely tailored to customer’s requirements in the field of environmental and process monitoring.

Gloss Checker

Standardize quality measurements with numerical gloss values – a breakthrough in appearance control.



Quick, Accurate and Easy, a full lineup of hand-held and fixed non-contact infrared thermometers covering a wide range of measurement needs.

Environmental radiation monitor

Every day, wherever we go, we are exposed to minute amounts of environmental radiation. HORIBA’s environmental radiation monitor makes it easy for non-specialists to measure even minute levels of radiation (gamma rays).