PID Eng&Tech staff is formed by experts with multidisciplinary backgrounds in chemical engineering, electronics, automated and software engineering.


PID Eng&Tech primary target market are universities and research centres, both private and public sectors, which fulfil their research activities within the fields of basic chemistry, petrochemistry, environment, catalysis, agrochemistry and food technology, supercritical fluid extraction and new energies.

Microactivity Effi

The Microactivity Effi is a compact reactor that is completely automated. It is equipped with cutting-edge process control technology in the market.

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Microactivity SOLO

The new Microactivity SOLO reactor is an introductory catalyst testing equipment using the latest technology in process control developed for the Microactivity Effi.

Pilot plants

Custom pilot plants that can simulate industrial processes at the laboratory level with reasonable scalability are essential for seeking new products, improving the quality of existing ones and developing new processes..

Lab equipment

Custom Solutions to improve existing systems, equipment and or add more capabilities to existing Laboratory Reactors

In-Situ Catalyst Characterization System

A new equipment designed by PID Eng&Tech (a Micromeritics company) that serves to characterize the catalyst arranged in any dynamic flowing system without the need to discharge it from the reactor.

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