MiniScan EZ

The Easy-to-Use Portable Color Measurement SpectrophotometerMiniScan® EZ is a portable, reflected-color measurement spectrophotometer. You can take this lightweight, compact instrument wherever it’s needed on the plant floor, the production line, the warehouse or outdoors. There is no need to take samples to the lab. MiniScan EZ gives you instant, accurate data anywhere and the measurements can be stored in memory for later printout or download to a PC. It is ergonomically designed featuring a rubberized handle that provides sure-handed carrying and virtually eliminates user fatigue when measuring a large number of samples. A button pad is built into the handle to provide simple thumb-tip navigation of all functions. MiniScan EZ has a large easy-to-read, LCD graphical display.

To best fit your measurement requirements, large-area view and small-area view models are available with 45°/0° or diffuse/8° measurement geometry. The large-area view models provide an excellent optical average over the surface of the sample and reduce the number of readings necessary to average for non-uniform samples.