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The SentinelPro is a class-leading dynamic image analyzer that is ideal for applications where particle shape, not just the particle size, may be critical information for predicting raw material quality and to maintain a high level of process control.



Dynamic Image/Particle Shape Analyzer


Particle morphology provides important information regarding the physical shape properties of your sample. It has been shown that shape can affect flowability, dispersion, packing density, segregation, aggregate formation, and microstructure character.


The fully automated SentinelPro is a well-suited research grade instrument or for use in a full production environment where speed, accuracy, and ease of use with its Pass/Fail shape control limits feature can be utilized.

Principles of Operation


Particles are suspended in a flowing stream, backlit by a high speed, Xeon strobe and then photographed by a high-resolution digital camera at up to 127 frames per second. Individual particle images are viewed directly and captured as a video file for post-run processing.


The dynamic turbulent flow path provides a three-dimensional, random orientation, direct view of the moving particles within the sensing zone. Dynamic imaging provides greater particle detail regarding convexity, sphericity, symmetry and aspect ratio when compared to static imaging.

SentinelPro Unique Design Benefits:

Dynamic Image Analysis


A recirculating liquid system transports the suspended sample through the analysis cell where a CCD camera takes an image of the particles, converts the image to a digital format, and sends the information to the software for final analysis in real time.

High speed, 127 frames per-second rated Digital Camera, with up to 5 Mpix resolution, captures live images of thousands of particles


More than 30 shape parameters are recorded, including circularity, ellipticity, opacity, mean diameter, smoothness, aspect ratio, fiber length and many more


All analyzed particles have thumbnail images saved for post-run viewing and shape analysis, both in grey scale and binary views.


Ability to compare different analyses via histogram overlays for all analyzed shape parameters


Scatter plot correlates two shape measurements and can be utilized as a process quality control criterion as an at-line application within unit operations.

Unique and powerful software permits the user to simplify data processing to a pass/fail reporting or choose to extend data analysis to a full suite of post processing image and shape analysis reports.


Multi-Run sample trending – Statistical Process Control capability and ability to track shape changes over user defined time intervals.


Instrument Qualification feature includes NIST standards and detailed Quality Assurance documentation.


Particle Concentration Correlation– adjust concentration reporting to correlate to traceable reference concentration standards.


Circle Models:


  • Equivalent circular area diameter
  • Equivalent circular perimeter diameter
  • Bounding circle diameter
  • Mean radius diameter
  • Circularity
  • Smoothness
  • Compactness


Rectangle Models:


  • Bounding rectangle length, width
  • Bounding rectangle aspect ratio
  • Rectangularity


Fiber Models:


  • Fiber length, width
  • Fiber aspect ratio
  • Fiber curl


Ellipse Models:


  • Equivalent elliptical area, width, length
  • Bounding ellipse width, length
  • Elliptical aspect ratio
  • Ellipticity


Polygon Models:


  • Polygon order
  • Interior angle
  • Convexity


Irregular Models:


  • Feret length, width
  • Feret aspect ratio
  • Surface uniformity

Irregular Models:


  • Opacity
  • White Fractions


Shape Model Descriptions:

SentinelPro Stand-Alone Instrument:


This model is a fully independent, stand-alone instrument to process samples for Shape analysis by Dynamic imaging. Unit includes an internal peristaltic pumping system with chemically resistant tubing throughout the fluid path.


Its flexible design enables automatic fluidic cycling, optic conversions for extending the particle size range and permits customization for higher viscosity samples by our Custom Engineering Department to meet your specific needs.


Particle Size Range:




SentinelPro Shape Module:


Fully integrates Into Your Current Particle Sizing Workflow Without Compromise…


The SentlinelPro Shape Module automatically takes an aliquot of sample from the reservoir of your current laser light scattering instrument.


No need to change or re-validate your currently established method or process, instead easily integrate the Shape Module within the fluid path of your existing size-only instrumentation.


As the sample is being analyzed, the  SentinelPro taps into the sample reservoir of your sizing instrument, removes an aliquot of no more than 30ml of the sample, performs real-time shape analysis and returns the sample to the existing instrument without jeopardizing sample or the  integrity of your particle sizing instrument.


Particle Size Range


1-300 um

10-800 um

100-2500 um

Two Models Available:

Thumbnail Extraction from Specific Points in Histogram:


The SentinelPro employs two important features: random orientation and recirculation of the sample. These two features help to ensure a true representation of the sample, as well as accurate data.

When viewing particle thumbnails, the left-mouse button will display all the shape measurement values for that selected thumbnail.


The right-mouse button will allow the user to eliminate that specific particle from the database and statistics.


Useful when, for example, a single air bubble is not wanted in the database.


SentinelPro Features:

  • Adjust concentration reporting to correlate to reference concentration standards.
  • More accurate, improved concentration results.
  • References to traceable and recognized count standards



Particle Concentration Correlation

SentinelPro Instrument Features:

High speed, high resolution optics


Real-time results


More than 30 size and shape measures


Particle thumbnails in gray scale and binary imagery


Multi-run overlaying of shape data


Sieve correlation capability


Upgradeable optics


Organic fluid capability

Flexible, fluidic design


Four size range model options


Real-time data backup for remote viewing


Automated recirculating, sample handling module


3-Dimensional analysis with random orientation


Simple, reliable hardware for low maintenance


Unique integration with smartphone app allows for remote data analysis of all results and thumbnails in real-time


Particle classification feature allows users to automatically have a full analysis for each subcomponent in a mixed sample.

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