About Poretech

Poretech was started in December 1988 by the existing owner, Leon De Jager. Micromeritics is Poretech’s main supplier and we have the sole agency for Sud-Saharan Africa. Leon’ relationship with Micromeritics started in the mid 1970’s.

The Hunterlab sole agency representation was given to Poretech in 1993 for the sub-Saharan Africa division. Later that year the Horiba agency for Air and Water Pollution monitoring in Botswana and Sub-Saharan African countries was added.

In 2015 Poretech received the agency for Arizona Instrument Corporation.

Mission statement:

  • Build and maintain honest relationships with our clients.
  • Continuously working with our suppliers to provide working solutions to our customers ever changeling needs.
  • Continuously proved training and support to our clients locally and internationally to ensure that the highest quality data can be obtain.

Keep on providing excellent service and support throughout the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa and to strive to find even higher levels of services and support than what Poretech already offers.


Supply state of the art instruments and the highest quality support and service to all our existing and prospective clients.