Particulate Systems

A division of Micromeritics Instruments is an agile and responsive organization that is dedicated to the discovery and commercialization of unique technologies in particle and material characterization.

From the beginning the mission was simple: to develop and to seek out innovative technology that advances the science of materials and particle characterization. Partnering with exceptional smaller, innovative manufacturers, and interfacing with university IP technologies Particulate Systems has helped introduce, support, service and improve those products while providing world-wide access to the research community.

This very unique, integrated approach permits the Particulate Systems division of Micromeritics to introduce key technologies and instrument solutions that without our assistance, may never have reached the research community. Particulate Systems continue to look for further innovations and encourage you to contact us with your ideas, concepts, or a product of your own, were you see our services as an advantage to transforming your idea into reality.

Particulate Systems works continuously to discover new innovative technologies that will improve the efficiency and the capture of important data to help provide a continual pathway to success in the laboratory.

Several of the instrument solutions that has been introduced are now helping to obtain data in critical energy areas such as lithium ion battery research, unconventional reservoir evaluations, and MOFs (Metal Organic Frameworks). Our EFFI instrument for catalyst evaluation provides needed insight to the petroleum industry to find the most cost-effective methods to produce low cost energy products.

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