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Autopore V Series


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Autochem 2950 HP

Autochem 2950 HP

Automated Catalyst Characterization Laboratory in a Single Instrument
  •  Precise and reproducible results in advanced catalyst characterization
  •  Fast analytical setup and quick analysis time with dynamic chemisorption capabilities Unlimited analytical sequences made easy by applying built-in procedures or developing new sequences
  •  Compact size, is efficient for bench space, which also can be easily placed within the standard fume hoods to accommodate hazardous sample analysis.


Autochem 2950 HP Chemisorption Analyzer
Superior Performance Under Extended Pressure

Equipped with many of the features of Micromeritics’ AutoChem II 2920, the AutoChem HP is suitable for a variety of applications including fuel cell and hydrogen storage research.

This microreactor, combined with a mass spectrometer, can also be used to determine product yields and catalytic activity under commercially viable conditions. The use of a microreactor in the development process is a cost-effective alternative to pilot plants for many development projects. A microreactor is also an affordable option for small start-up companies that cannot afford to invest in a pilot plant to demonstrate their process.


Allows preparation and analysis of sample at pressures up to 1000 psia with built-in safety checks

  • Versatile analysis protocol permits complex sequencing and experimental design
  • In situ experiments with virtually unlimited steps
  • Records pressure as part of the experiment
  • Capable of TPD, TPR, TPO, BET, and pulse chemisorption
  • Three mass flow controllers and an electronically controlled pressure regulator provide precise gas control
  • Twelve gas inlets – four each for preparation, carrier, and loop gases
  • Stainless-steel sample tubes are capable of withstanding temperatures and pressures well above the system’s limits
  • An interactive reporting system that includes an extremely versatile graphic user interface allowing custom presentation of results
Bench-top Microreactor Suitable for a Variety of Applications
  • Two independent vacuum systems permit simultaneous preparation of two samples while analyzing another. This HPTPR (High-pressure TPR) to emulate a commercial activation of a supported metal catalyst
  • Fuel cell applications that require reforming hydrocarbon feeds to hydrogen
  • Hydrogen storage applications using mixed metal hydrides that change hydrogen capacity as temperature changes – the user can vary hydrogen pressure to determine storage capacity as a function of pressure
  • Simple chemical reactions where the product mix changes as a function of pressure – the AutoChem 2950 HP functions as a microreactor at typical process temperatures and pressures, allowing the user to collect reaction data at commercial conditions

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