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Chemisorb HTP Analyzer

Chemisorb HTP Analyzer

Chemisorb HTP Analyzer

High Throughput Static Manometric Chemisorption Analyzer
  • Six independent analysis stations for chemisorption
  • In-situ sample activation procedures with independent temperature and flow control for each reactor
  • Precise for research and development, high throughput for quality control applications


Chemisorb HTP – High Throughput Chemi Analyzer

Optimum design and efficient utilization of catalysts require a thorough understanding of the surface structure and surface chemistry of the catalytic material. Chemical adsorption analyses can provide much of the information needed to evaluate catalyst materials in the design and production phases, as well as after a period of use.

The ChemiSorb HTP is a fully-automated high-throughput chemisorption analyzer that determines the percent metal dispersion, active metal surface area, size of active particles, and surface acidity of catalyst materials. A major advantage of this instrument is its six analysis stations. Multiple analyses can be run simultaneously or in parallel on one instrument not only saving time for busy catalyst operations, but providing economy of lab space.

The ChemiSorb HTP features a vacuum system and manifold with constantly monitored pressure transducers on each of its six analysis stations. Each port is also equipped with a furnace enabling independent control of sample temperature and ramping from 10 oC above ambient to 700 oC. The temperature is recorded with each equilibrium pressure to provide the highest quality isotherms possible. An equilibration option allows the user to specify different equilibration times. A mass flow controller is installed in each port to ensure accurate and reproducible flow through the sample. Up to twelve different gases can be attached to the ChemiSorb HTP simultaneously.

Degas/sample preparation is done in-situ prior to analysis. Samples may be added or removed from each station without disturbing the treatment of other samples undergoing preparation or analysis. The instrument features long unattended analysis times and a high-throughput mode that allows the user to start multiple parallel analyses.

The ChemiSorb HTP analysis program operates in a Windows® environment. This makes operation of the analyzer easier and allows the user to run other applications while an automatic operation is in progress. The report system provided in the analysis program allows the user to manipulate and customize reports in a variety of ways. Zoom in on portions of the graphs or shift the axes to examine fine details. Graphs and data can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into other applications. Reports can be customized with a choice of fonts and a company logo added to the report header.

  • High throughput with six analysis stations
  • Up to six chemisorption analyses can begin simultaneously
  • Independent furnaces for each analysis station features a user defined temperature range from 10 ºC above ambient to 700 ºC.
  • Quartz sample reactor with flow-through design, available for various size pellets, core and powders
  • Fully automated analysis
  • Long unattended analysis times for high resolution adsorption isotherms
  • Analysis ports operate concurrently or in parallel
  • Up to 12 different gases can be attached simultaneously
  • Windows driven software



Chemical adsorption is an interaction much stronger than physical adsorption. In fact, the interaction is an actual chemical bond where electrons are shared between the gas and the solid surface. While physical adsorption takes place on all surfaces if temperature and pressure conditions are favorable, chemisorption only occurs on certain surfaces and only if these surfaces are clean. Chemisorption, unlike physisorption, ceases when the adsorbate can no longer make direct contact with the surface; it is therefore a single layer process.

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