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Agera Spectrophotometer

Flexible. Full spectrum. All-in-one. Agera Spectrophotometer is the ultimate solution for appearance quality control.
  • Simultaneous color and gloss measurement
  • 0º/45ºc circumferential geometry replicating human vision
  • Multiple port plates to accommodate a range of sample sizes
  • Built in USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Email data communications
  • Industrial touchscreen with modern user interface
  • Embedded EasyMatch Essentials QC Software


Agera Spectrophotometer
Color & Gloss Measurement Device

From the world’s leading manufacturer of color and appearance measurement technology, Agera delivers the full picture on your sample’s appearance quality.

Agera delivers simultaneous measurements of reflected color, gloss, and image capture in one simple measurement. Agera’s dual-beam, 0º/45cº circumferential geometry combined with a balanced full spectrum, UV-controlled LED illumination provides superior color accuracy and repeatability on standard and fluorescent samples. The built-in gloss meter provides highly accurate 60-degree gloss results in conformance with international standards. The 5-megapixel camera ensures proper sample positioning while capturing and storing the image as part of the data record. Agera completes the picture with a modern user interface, robust embedded quality control software, and state-of-the-art data management options to provide exceptional flexibility, ease-of-use and unprecedented value.

Agera Features:
  • 0º/45ºc Circumferential Geometry
  • Full Spectrum, Balanced LED Illumination with UV control
  • The largest Fixed-Point Area of View
  • Port opening vs Measured Area of view
  • Built in 60-degree Gloss Meter
  • Sample Viewing and Image Capture
  • Smart User Interface and Data Management
  • EasyMatch Essentials QC Software
  • Superior Engineering
Agera – the ultimate solution for appearance quality control

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