Ultrascan VIS Spectrophotometer

Ultrascan VIS Spectrophotometer


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Ultrascan Pro Spectrophotometer

Ultrascan Pro Spectrophotometer

Designed to be your reference instrument for measuring both reflected and transmitted color. It meets CIE, ASTM and USP guidelines for accurate color measurement.
  • Measures reflectance & transmittance color as well as spectral reflectance, spectral transmittance and transmission haze
  • Wavelength range 350 nm – 1050 nm
  • 5 nm optical resolution and reporting interval
  • Three reflectance measurement areas
  • Exceptional inter-instrument agreement
  • Automated UV calibration and control
  • Large transmission compartment open on three sides
  • Includes EasyMatch QC software


UltraScan PRO Spectrophotometer
The professional color measurement spectrophotometer

The D65 illumination source is calibrated in the ultraviolet region for the accurate measurement of whitening agents. UltraScan PRO has an extended wavelength range into the near infrared and near ultraviolet that permits the measurement of camouflage materials and UV blockers. The system uses diffuse/8° geometry with automated specular component inclusion/exclusion. It also features three sizes of sample measurement areas with automated lens change. The UltraScan PRO includes EasyMatch QC software and an electronic record keeping version that is 21 CFR 11 compliant is available.

Use UltraScan PRO for both research and quality control. From opaque solids to clear liquids to transparent films, UltraScan PRO precisely measures both reflected and transmitted color, spectral reflectance, spectral transmittance and transmission haze. A host of measurement features and specialized sample-handling devices make UltraScan PRO the most versatile high-performance color measurement spectrophotometer available.

  • Fast measurement speed – 2 seconds for full range measurement 350 – 1050 nm with 5 nm data output
  • D65 illumination source is calibrated in the ultraviolet region for accurate measurement of whitening agents, UV blockers, and fluorescent colors
  • 3 reflectance measurement areas:
  • – Large Area View (LAV): 25 mm aperture
  • – Small Area View (SAV): 13 mm aperture
  • – X-Small Area View (XSAV): 7 mm aperture
  • Read button for convenient initialization of sample measurement
  • Ergonomic sample clamp for supporting a wide range of samples
  • Status indicator lights visually indicate selected mode
  • EasyMatch® QC Software included with instrument purchase
Exceptional Performance Built to Last

Underneath its sleek exterior lives an electronic assembly, ruggedly built in excess of specification on a rigid optical platform, ensuring years of reliable, accurate service. The flash Xenon light source generates virtually no heat, eliminates the effect of ambient light, and requires no warm-up. Measurements over the entire spectral range are made in a matter of seconds. Spectral data is collected every 2 nm and reported for every 5 nm.


In addition to measurement versatility, the UltraScan® PRO has available sample measurement accessories designed to hold virtually any type of solid or liquid sample for accurate and repeatable measurements. Use UltraScan® PRO for both research and quality control. The transmission compartment of UltraScan® PRO makes the measurement of over-sized samples easy and accommodates various sample handling devices. It is capable of measuring liquid volumes as small as 0.4 ml. The UltraScan® PRO has the ability to measure sample reflectance and transmittance as low as 350 nm, enabling the measurement of UV blocking characteristics of coated glass, sunglasses and other UV absorbers.


The dual beam optical system has two state-of-the-art holographic grating polychromators with an effective bandwidth of 5 nm. The diffracted light is detected by a High IR sensitivity, 512-element linear array. Three long-life Xenon flash lamps mounted in a reflective lamp housing are used for illumination.

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